Birkat Hamazon Set Grey EH s/8

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Recite birkat hamazon at the end of your meal from a modern lucite Birkat Hamazon set. This bencher set includes 8 8"x10" acrylic cards with a grey border and black lettering for an easy read and an acrylic holder for the cards. 

Make it personal with a monogram or family name or letter.

Personalizing: Additional fee of $10

* For monogram add 3 letters - first name, last name, first name - Middle letter will be larger than end letters.

* For single letter or name add up to 20 letters. All letters will be the same size and in capital letters.

For any other additions or colors please add it in the comment section at checkout or call the store 718-339-5900.

Please note there are no returns on personalized items.

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