Boxwood Mat 16H x 24W

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16" x 24" Boxwood Panel, Artificial Landscape Foliage Greenery Wall Mat Will Wrap Around Columns and Bend Around Corners

By nature, green landscapes are calming to the soul while evoking a thriving and healthy sensation and now you can have your own nature retreat with our Boxwood Wall Mats! The frame is 15 1/2" by 23" but the foliage extends over the edges making the actual measurement 16" by 24".

Boxwood has a clean, neat appearance and these maintenance free.

The square grid frame makes hanging and attaching super easy!
This mat is so flexible that you can completely bend it to cover rounded surfaces or create an attractive crosshatch pattern by cutting the mat into strips!

Transform your sukkah into garden sanctuary. Cover walls and screens or camouflage doors and fences  into a wall of lively greenery. 

Orchid not included

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