Ombre Copper Plating Red Wine Glass 19 Oz S/4

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Set of 4

19 oz

GORGEOUS COPPER OMBRE DESIGN: When you want to do wine with class, turn to this stunning wine glass. It features a beautiful copper colored bottom that gradually fades into a clear cup with a touch of smoky grey for an eye catching effect. This is not your typical wine glass!

HAND BLOWN ELEGANCE: Thin, dainty, and lightweight, these glasses exude elegance and quality when you pick them up. They are hand blown and feature an ultra-thin rim to ensure you get the full pleasure out of your glass of wine. Tall, thin stems add an extra touch of class.

DISHWASHER SAFE: Spend less time washing and more time doing the things you love, together with the people you love. (Like enjoying another delicious drink!) 

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